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Success Tails


Dear Gill,


I thought I would send you an update on Mirk (who came to us in early September 2013). 


Mirk came to us as a potential worker but quickly proved he was far too sensitive to work sheep. I fell in love with him and we developed a strong bond. It took nearly 12 months to build his confidence enough to get him training properly but he is now the sort of dog I can take anywhere. We go out each day twice a day and we meet up with friends on a Sunday morning for a walk and then breakfast. The photo shows his best friends (Ruby the beagle and Murphy the lab). Everybody loves Mirk and people keep saying that they will have him if anything happens to me… should I be worried? Getting a ‘Spot dog’ is a great idea as you know exactly what you are getting. I fell in love with Mirk’s ears and the fact he throws toys for himself. Next time though, I’d like a non-moulting collie!!


All the best,


Marianne and Steve

Lottie and Dottie 2014

This is a bit of a long shot but if the person who adopted Lottie in 2014 could send us in an update we would so love to hear how she is getting on as the two sisters where so traumizied when they arrived. Dottie still has some fears but we are sure one day she will get there.  You can see Dottie,s progess on our face book group  https://www.facebook.com/groups/351661634900905/


Archie came to us on 25th October 2014 Gill kindly let us foster him but when someone showed some interest in him. We just couldn't let him go as he was bring Honey out of her shell. We all fell in love with him so we become failed fosters. Archie has become a therapy dog and some times comes to work with me. He loves to see the clients gets excitable when he knows he coming to work. He is very calm and love his hugs and he especially loves balls and to chase birds.xx

Lexi ( Narla )

This is Lexi, (formally Narla).  She came to us from you last July.  She originally came to you as a puppy with her sister and 3 brothers from Northern Ireland.  She now lives at her forever home on the Wirral.  She loves playing on the beach, taking long walks in the countryside and is very interested in sheep!  Lexi also loves to travel the short journey to the hills and mountains of North Wales.  Here she is on her first mountain cairn taken on Moel Famau in Flintshire.  She has settled in from day one and is very happy and contented with us and our 3 cats.  Lexi has attended Puppy School and now continues to go to Canine Academy.  She has 3 rosettes for her obedience classes and is a very quick learner.  Thank you very much for letting us have Lexi. 

She would love to know how her siblings are doing if they read this!  If so, please contact us. 




Dear Gill  Meg- 1 year on!!!  Meg was so scared when she first came to live with us, she hid under her bed and was too frightened to go into the garden, we had to carry her outside.Meg has come a long way since then. She is now a loving, brave, gentle and happy little dog who is gaining more confidence every day (our cheeky girl) she is best friends with Oscar the cat.We are so happy with her and one of the best things, her eyes aren't frightened any more.Thank you so much to foster mum Anne and Tim for their continued support,  also to you Gill for trusting us with Meg. We just couldnt imagine life without her,  she makes us smile every day.  Best wishes to you all at SpotCarole and Jim 


Hello Gill

I wonder if you remember me, Alfie. After I was left with you, I needed human company so much that I followed you around all the time. Then my new daddy came for me and took me to Salisbury where mum and dad had a lovely big garden and I was so pleased to be loved again. 
It was five years ago today, 31st. July 2011 that I came to live here and although I was scared at first that I was going to be left again, ( I would run to our car at the end of every walk in case you forgot me) I am now a happy, very well behaved and loved boy.
My mum and dad and I thank you for being there for me when I was not wanted and thank you for letting me go to my forever home. 
With love from Alfie and my mum and dad, Jennie and David.

Facebook Success tails Group

Just to let you all know that we do have a group on Facebook for our success stories, if you are maybe looking to find siblings or just want to have a look then feel free to join.

But please do keep sending updates in by e-mail as we do like to see them.


Facebook Group  https://www.facebook.com/groups/351661634900905/?fref=ts


If you have any of the 6 pups that arrived Aug/September 2013 pleased do get in touch.....3 of the 6 are pictured xx

Kitty ( now Bonnie )

Dear Gill,


                Just to let you know Bonnie is now a boisterous and happy girl. She has learned to play and loves her toys, understood after two days that she had her own bed and didn’t have to sleep on the floor and that she wasn’t going to be shut out all night. She is the most loving dog, adores a cuddle but will wave her legs around and nearly poke one’s eye out but we are working on that. She’s still a nightmare on the lead but as good as gold off it. She comes out with me when I’m riding when I’m not doing any road work and has already had one holiday and behaved beautifully at the hotel and is always a welcome guest at our friends’ when we need to leave her. She is very good with the grandchildren but does get over excited if they scream! It worries her I think but there’s never any aggression. She has now been with us nearly eight months and we wouldn’t be without her.


                She and Buddy (the dog we look after twice a week) adore each other and she gets on extremely well with the two dogs where she stays. She is tentative and submissive with strange dogs but once she realises there’s nothing to fear, she’s fine.


                We love her to bits and are so grateful to you for letting us have her in our lives. I’m adding some photos so you can see how she’s looking. I think I told you she burst all her stitches when we had her spayed and had to be resewn and wear the cone of shame, I don’t know who was most pleased when the stitches came out and she could discard the cone and stop clearing the coffee table and knocking our legs from under us. Despite being told to keep her quiet,(an impossible task as she insisted on flying round the garden and hurdling the daffodils) it was a losing battle but she did stay sewn up the second time and now you can’t see the join!

 Again, many thanks for introducing us to Bonnie and letting us rescue her. She has filled the empty space in our hearts left by our last little girl nearly a year ago


Hi Gill

We had Dougie from you last October at 10mnths. Went to get his booster Jabs today . He is fine a real case and he is taking me for walks over the Vale of Marston about 6miles every day We still cant work out if he ifavours My wife june or me. He is great He is now responding and Learning well and Boy is he Sharp cant understand why he was a failed sheepdog. The vet says he is now fully grown And he has Big paws and weighs 26kg here is a Photo of Dougie with Sophie our grandaughter. He seems to made himself at home Here


Hello Gill


I thought I'd write to let you know how well our pup, who we adopted from you in summer 2012 as an 8 week old, is doing. A couple of pictures of our lovely boy Acorn, from our recent holiday in south Devon, are attached.


You might remember you hung on to Acorn (he didn't have a name at that stage) longer than his siblings because he was the runt and very small, and you were concerned he might not grow normally. By the time we contacted you, you seemed reasonably confident he would probably be OK. You also told us what a lovely nature he had, which was important to us as our boys were 4 and nearly 2 years old, and we had an older (at that stage, 10 years old) and somewhat grumpy dog. You weren't wrong about Acorn! He is very sweet natured, a lovely dog, full of collie energy but very laid back around the house, and bags of fun. As you can see, he also loves water, though he refuses to swim - he keeps everyone entertained by jumping in and then chasing the splashes! He is also great with the children, and with our older dog (still with us, nearly 14), and goes to work with Dave every day.


We are so glad we came to you and found our lovely Acorn through you, and I am sure you would be very proud of the tiny pup you let go to us three years ago if you could see him now. I hope all his brothers and sisters as doing well and that they all found their forever homes with happy families just like Acorn did.


Hi Jill It's Fidget here. I've got on Alan's laptop so I can tell you he's letting me stay!!!  It was a bit touch and go at first. I know you said I had to be good, but I wasnt always sure how to do that. I kept getting told off for things, so I kept biting Alan. I know now it was silly, because he gives me lots of cuddles and I really love him. I just couldn't get out of my head that I needed to be in charge.Even now I still get the odd moment. He's got this really big television in the lounge (and one in the bedroom which is good if you want to lie down and watch it) so I can watch all sorts of things. Sometimes horses come on there and I forget it's a tv and try to go play with them. I get told off then, because I bark a lot as I get confused as to why I can't reach them. But I'm starting to remember more often now that it's just the TV.I really like JJ, who is a bit older than me, and doesnt seem to want to play as much. But he does let me sleep next to him now. He even lets me finish his dinner if he's not hungry. Tho Dad tells me off for that too :( I went to the beach recently - it's really strange. There's lot of water there but it tastes weird. I didn't like it - even though I tried it 6 or 7 times! Thank-you for finding me a new home. I really love it down here. I hope you aren't missing me too much. I've added some photos for you to see - aren't I a clever dog! Lots of woofs, wags and love  Fidgetxxxx (Oh Alan says hello. No, sorry he said Hello, what are you doing on the laptop. Better go. Wooooooofffff. Lick!) 


Hi Gill,
Can't believe it was last November  that the quiet,shy little Dottie came to live with us. She is now a little diva! She can be still quite shy around people she doesn't know however at home she is very confident and has the lads wrapped round  her paw! I have attached  a picture. 
Hope to see you soon
Best wishes 


Hello Gill and Team It has been 3 years this week that Poppy became my forever friend and companion . Words cannot describe how much she means to me but I am sure other "doggy" owners will fully understand what I mean . I always remember the day I came and collected her . I did not even notice that I was wearing odd shoes as I was so excited ! . From that day on she has bought me so much happiness . Keep up the good work . Karen and Poppy.


Hi Gill, Thought I’d let you see how well Jack is doing. We adopted him from you in October 2012. He was a cruelty case from Ireland who you called Patch as he only had a small patch  of fur when you rescued him.He has settled in very well and absolutely adores his ‘sister’ Sally, from whom he has learnt how to be a dog. His new best friend is Molly our kitten, they play together and curl up together when they are tired.We have moved to Scotland since adopting Jack, he now has over an acre of garden to play in, and at least two hour long walks every day in the forest behind the house. This is in addition to almost daily outings to the beach which is only five miles away, or hill walking with us. He has been a super addition to the family and we wouldn’t be without him. RegardsTracey


Hi Gill,


As promised please find a couple of photos of Lola attached.  One is when she decided that our cat Pippin needed company on the bed, the other is her relaxing whilst out for a walk (a rare occurrence as you can probably imagine – the relaxing I mean, not the walking).  She has settled in really well and we all love her to bits.  She is so well behaved (apart from the deer chasing, which we can sort over time) and a really loving little soul, I can’t imagine life without her now.  It seems like so much longer than a month since I collected her from you, and in a good way, she is such a part of the family now.  We have had wonderful weather for the last couple of days and Lola has spent most of her time out in the garden with us, she just loves to be outside.



Kind regards,



Kai ( was Boris )

We were lucky enough to adopt Kai (was Boris) in Sep 14 and he is doing great. He sometimes thinks he is a cat and really mimics their behaviour - so funny to see him sit on our table in the conservatory one minute and help the cats corner a mouse the next!!!! The cats are most definitely the Boss but they now live together in harmony -which is a huge relief. Kai has on average 4 walks a day and he even gets to go running with his Dad (Paul) on weekends - which he absolutely loves and then he does agility with me, a real natural. His favourite two holidays so far were: 4 days running along beaches in Essex with my parents and a week on Dartmoor walking - which was just doggy heaven. We really have found a true companion for life and wouldn't swap him for the world.If Boris' siblings (Clown & Dougie - I think) and their owners are reading this - it would be great sometime to reunite the brothers and sister at a Park somewhere - if interested, please ask Gill for my email address - as I would love for Boris to see his family and to send a Gill a photo of the trio (think there were only 3) reunited. Thank you so much to you and the team for all you did for Boris (now Kai) and what you continue to do - great work! Take care Jo


Hi Gill, just wanted to give you an update on Kobi, thank you so much for putting us in touch with his fosterers he is my perfect pup and i wouldn't ever be without him! We rehomed him in October and he has settled in brilliantly, sorry for sending so many photos i just couldn't choose any favourites! When kobi first arrived with us he was nervous which obviously was to be expected as he had been passed around a bit already in his little life, but he quickly got to grips with the basic rules of the house! He is brilliant with other dogs which is such a plus because mum is a dog walker and boarder so kobi has a great big pack to be a part of. His little big brother scamp is the tri coloured jack russel and he's the boss of the other dogs, kobi knows that scamp's bones are his and he is not to be messed with! Despite this they get on perfectly and are even caught snuggling on the sofa now and again. Kobi also met maisie the chocolate lab x spaniel who comes to our house almost every day, and we're fairly sure she is the love of his life! They cuddle on the sofa and in the car, and after walks kobi cleans maisie before he cleans himself!Kobi is such a clever dog he picks things up so quickly,  he knows loads of new tricks and is really obedient 98% of the time! We started agility classes in november and he has learnt so quickly and he really enjoys it. Kobi was a very spoilt dog at Christmas,  he got a new bed from me and lots of treats from his doggy friends and their parents, and mum bought him a coat and a seesaw and tunnel for us to practice agility with!Even though kobi and scamp both got new beds for Christmas they prefer to sleep with me on my bed, which is fine by me as i dont have a heater! He also loves to go with me on runs and bike rides because then i can just about keep up with him! One of his favourite things is to cuddle with me while i drink a cup of tea and then he drinks a sneaky bit from the bottom of the cup!We all love him so much and I wouldn't trade him for the world, he's my little partner in crime and my best friend, thank you so much again for helping me find him! Love from Luli, Kobi, Scamp and the pack :)


‘Clown has been with us just 4 months, we picked her up in September 2014 but she hit the ground running by making herself at home in Beaulieu and meeting all the dogs from the riding club. She always wants to please you and loves her new best friend Peppa the Jack Russel, Clown and Peppa go to work in the van most days and spend the weekends with us at the horse field, roaming The New Forest or with other family dogs at the beach. I think we have a water baby on our hands so can’t wait for the summer when we can go swimming in the Beaulieu River! With some sit, wait, down, and lead training Clown has taken really well to coming out for a ride with the horses. After losing the family Collie ‘Patch’ several years ago who used to come riding there’s nothing better than looking past the ears of my horse to see a black and white dog up ahead again! She loves running and bouncing through the puddles which she then sticks her whole head into while on the move to cool down! This exuberance for life along with her spotty face, love of water and sprawling out when asleep makes us think she might actually be a small part Springer so we kept the name Clown because it really does suit her! The best way I can describe her is that she fits our lifestyle like a glove and I am so pleased we have been able to give this sweet natured, loving dog a second chance. I saw her picture on the BorderCollieSpot website and I thought that’s the dog for me, funny how things work out  some times. I am looking forward to a life time of fun and companionship with her so thanks Gill for doing what you do as without it I would not have the pleasure of owning Clown.


Dear Gill Can't believe its nearly six months since we adopted Lucky. He has settled in well, is very much calmer and enjoying life as a pet after many years as a working dog. Has slimmed down, we have to keep adjusting his collar, and is looking quite handsome. When I say calmer he can still be quite a live wire and sometimes its hard to believe he is over 12 years old, although after a long walk suddenly all goes quite and you find him giving in to his age and snoozing in his basket. We have enjoyed some lovely walks on the South Downs with him this summer, taking three packed lunches with us, he has to have one too. He is very good at recall and ignores all live stock, thank goodness, loves water clean or dirty and had a thoroughly good time. It has not been all plain sailing, he does not get on to well with male dogs. Also as you are aware he does not like being brushed, so we do what we can, and decided that one half of him will just have to stay scruffy.Recently we had to pay a visit to the vet for a minor problem, he was very well behaved and even let the vet give him a bit of a hair cut, so at present is looking very smart and knot free. We have both become very attached to him, he adores my husband they spend many a happy hour in the garden one tidying, the other pulling it to pieces. He certainly keeps us on our toes but we would not have it any other way. Kind Regards Reg and Emilia  


Dear Gill & The Spot Team Teddy is a joy and he seems to be thoroughly enjoying his new life with us. Many of the fears rooted in the previous 12 yrs have already been overcome in just 4 mths, and Teddy's character is beginning to shine. Teddy is very nearly housetrained; has learned to play; gained muscle tone (although still underweight); and is generally both healthier and more confident. We knew that taking on an older, untrained, abused boy would require time, patience, money, and consistency. And it has - plenty of each! But the rewards are immense and Teddy gives to us so much pleasure, laughter, fun, affection and companionship. I am grateful for the day Teddy put his head on my knee and came to stay :-) Best wishes, Vicky & Dave


Dear Gill This is a picture of me out on one of my country walks - I have one every day and you can see I am off the lead.  When I come home I settle down on my lovely comfy bed next to the radiator.  I don't like toys very much but I love marrow bones and chews.In the evenings I cuddle up on my mistress's lap and we both love this.I am so very happy in my forever home and my new owners adore me.  Thank you for rescuing me so that I can have this wonderful life.With love from  STAR  xxx


Hi Gill

 Just wanted to thank you for allowing Sasha into our lives.  She has brighten them beyond our dreams.  She is an absolute delight and has settled very well.  She travels like a pro and is fine to be left for a couple of hours on her own.  She has plenty of toys (both at home and at the shop). She is a great ambassador for your work. She is our No #1 sales leader as so many people see her looking at them through the shop window as she 'people watches' they all come in to give her cuddles (and she loves it). At the weekend we went to a fantastic parkland area where she could run for miles and miles ... thought I'd send you a photo for your album. She has even made it into the press as we were interviewed by our local paper ... We even managed to get your organisation a mention ... "Gill and Alan have just added another employee to their already successful store - a six month old border collie called Sasha.  The couple adopted the pup from a rescue centre called The Border Collie Spot.  In the future they plan on finding ways in-store to raise funds for the animal centre by selling recycled beer bottles for people brewing their own." Will keep you posted with progress but so far she is just the best. Hope things are going well for you and the rescues are going well. Kind regardsGill, Alan and Sasha


Hi Gill and All at Spot Just to let you know that Bluey (was Jackeo) is a very happy little girl. She has been with us for four years in November. We were very lucky that you chose her for us in November 2010 as we originally came to see another dog. When our dog Barney met him though he clearly didn't approve. You said 'I know I've got just the dog' and out came Jackeo and they got on great! Barney and Bluey are now great friends and she is definitely top dog. It took a little while for them to sort out their differences as Barney decided when she first arrived at home that he wasn't keen to share his house and family. But eventually Barney learnt to keep quiet as it's an easier life that way (even though he's much bigger than Bluey - he's our gentle giant). Thanks for all the great advice you gave me when I kept phoning worrying they wouldn't work it out. Bluey was only 11 months old when we got her and you said she'd already had three previous owners! You also said that the last owners gave her back as she wouldn't walk to heel! Can't understand why as she is such a good girl and now understands that she's very loved and has her forever home. She's a real Daddies girl. We recently got married in October and the children (Bluey & Barney) were there too (i've attached a photo's). They were very well behaved. Thanks for all the wonderful work you doJo and Al Rennie


Hi Jill, I'm the granddaughter of Bob , he's given a home to two of the dogs you rescued, most recently Socks. Thought I'd just let you know how he's doing, he has a beautiful shiny coat and big bright eyes, he loves to spend hours running around outside on the farm. He's even gotten a bit mischievous recently, he likes to steal footballs and run up the hill just outside my Grandpas house and bury them for him to play with later! Here's a picture of the scamp with my own rescue dog Pepper the Jack Russell! I hope you are well, many thanks! Abigail

Alfie ( Ben )

Hi Gill A few pictures to let you know how Alfie is getting on. He is not the small boy anymore and weighed 17.8 this week. He has fitted well into the family and Max and Crystal tolerate him being here as long as he doesn't try to eat their food or sleep in their bed. He loves to pick the kids up from school and gets very excited when he sees them. He loves puppy training and try's to please everyone as long as they have a treat for him :). Hope his brothers are doing well. Regards Phil, Kerry, Elizabeth and Thomas.


When Red came into rescue he was a very nervous and withdrawn little boy. This is how he lives his life now xx


Here is a little idea of Red’s typical day...


Wake up at 6.30 next to mum on the bed (Floss, the previous bed princess has been relegated to the foot end by me!), roll like a total hooligan until I fall off the bed, jump back on , repeat. Race round the upstairs and try to beat Floss down to the kitchen. Sniff Bob (Mr Sensible) good morning and look angelic on the bed in front of the aga. My self control is rubbish, I get so excited about going out for a walk that I do the wall of death round the kitchen before mum gets the treats out and I prove I can do a fabby sit wait, whilst she wrestles into coats and wellies. Hurtle down the path (got to beat Floss) and do angelic wait until mum gets the car open and ready for us. Hurtle in, get chauffeured to walk site, farm or woods etc. We all have to sit and wait to get out (we pretend we have manners when out in public ! ) Mum pops home at lunch, gives us all snuggles and stuffed kongs for the afternoon. At hometime I repeat my morning routine of wall of death, angelic sit waits, car journey, ball games or long walk, then more eating...life is tough!


Evenings are lounging round or clicker games or agility classes.

On Sundays mum teaches agility so I get to play lots, we have long runs in the woods before and after too. The toys we have for agility training are great fun, squeaky and bouncy and yummy treats in them too. At night I go out for a quick...ohhh I don’t need to tell you that bit.... and then race upstairs to beat Floss to the top of mum’s bed.

I often do ‘spoons’ cuddles with mum in bed but then I dream a lot and make funny groaning noises so mum laughs at me and rolls over.

I dream all night of lovely things I have done, like camping in the summer, meeting new dogs, being brave and not barking at strangers, walking on a lead and being adored zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Then before I know it I wake up just before the alarm goes off and roll like a hooligan again......


Lots of Love


Red xx



Ilse was Carla

i Gill,


I visited you in August from Northumberland to be united with Carla (as was – she learned her new name Ilse within a couple of days).


 She is coming along wonderfully and now quite brave and happy in new situations.  She plays and runs on the beach at least twice a day—a.m. and evening with me, and with other dog friends for her midday walk. When the tide is high we trot round the local streets—which she also enjoys as this old part of town has few roads so we are not bothered by cars and she can trot around off the lead. She’s great with other dogs, too.


She has learned to love chasing a ball and engaging in other ball games. She loves to paddle in the sea; although we’re waiting for it to be warm enough for me to go in with her before she’s allowed to try swimming!


Ilse has the sweetest spirit and we become closer and closer each day. She’s a great companion and I hope that she is as happy with me as I am with her. 


Thank you for the work you do – I wish you well in continuing to find homes for these lovely guys.


Best wishes, Alison 



Dear Gill – just wanted to update you on Lady who has fitted into our lives like a beautiful black and white glove!  We love her dearly and Peanut (nearly) does too...............there have been a few ups and downs of course but she is such a character and so loving it has been a privilege to have her in our lives. Her dreadful fear of gunshot  and loud noises has not gone completely but we can take her out,  off the lead now without her disappearing into the bushes and she even likes most men who come into the house........crowds spook her a bit but we are working on that and we did expect that she would need at least a year to recover from the traumas of Romania and travelling etc..............she even jumps in the back of the car now too!  And has this wonderful way of “chatting” to you......... But thank you for bringing her to the UK,  we are so happy to have her in the family. Best wishes to you all  – Maddy & Chris Bushnell  


Hi Gill,   We got Seren from you in August 2010. She was terrified of just about everything when we picked her up from you, but she’s now so much more confident and a wonderful little dog. She loves being out and about and has been on long walks in and around London, travelled on the train and the tube and experienced all sorts of things en route. She is happiest running free on the beach or in the park and loves her long walks with my other dog, Millie. She loves to paddle and is a good swimmer but only if I go in first! She has walked the Seven Sisters in Sussex with me, enjoyed long walks in Wales and Devon and is about to experience the North Norfolk coastal path. In her local park where we walk most days she is always hurtling around to say hello to her favourite dogs and dog walkers, her tail wagging madly. She is great company, loves to snuggle up to either myself or Millie, she is very well behaved and quickly learns new commands. She is still a bit scared of strangers but with every new experience she gets a bit more confident. Thanks you so much for letting Seren into our lives. Keep up the good work.  Regards,Julie Poole.


Hello GillPoppy has been with me 5 months and she is doing really well . I call her my "sweet Pea" . Took her to puppy classes where first session barked all the through it, second session had a wee on the mat ! , but came away with her puppy certificate - that's my girl. I have found my forever friend and she wears a tag saying "I have found my forever home". Keep up the good work.Karen.


Dear Gill and Michelle,
We are really enjoying getting to know and love Dan. Every week now he shows a different side to him and it is fascinating watching him develop into a wonderful dog. He is going through several puppy stages which were obviously delayed through his life on a farm. He has learnt to play and have fun on his walks. He loves catching and running after a ball or stick and is very focused on these activities, so much so that he will ignore anything else around him!! He keeps his toys and belongings in his basket but we have to be careful as he will swing them up in the air and jump after them indoors and then knock things over! He loves herding and stalking our cat and again is so focused that nothing else matters. She at 19 years old just ignores him and does her own thing. They are almost touching nose to nose!The only big thing to do now is to slowly leave him alone at home. So far he won't let us do this without trying to escape! We will do this very slowly aand see how we get on in the new year.
Mags and Neal


Hi Gill,

Just to let you know Sophie has settled in well now and is best friends with Poppy,


Happy New Year


Hi Gill,


We adopted this cheeky minx Roxy from you in February this year. She guards our house well, barking at everyone until she recognises them. She is very affectionate and enjoys lots of kisses and cuddles. She is also very vocal when she wants something and ‘talks’ to us until she gets it. She is extremely crafty, sneaking onto the sofa on cold nights, then pretending she hasn’t by getting back in her own bed before we get downstairs. We always know by the dent in the rug and the cushions on the floor. She loves to go out especially with her dad and will follow him for miles finding anything ‘throwable’. She plays ball for hours with the grandchildren and loves cricket season, where she walks around the field all afternoon finding biddable humans to throw for her. She still doesn’t like other dogs much, but we are hoping given time she will realise that no-one is going to hurt us or take us away from her. We would not change her for the world.


Lesley and Dave

Sam and Arthur

Dear gill  Here are our boys sam and arthur. I walk them for an hour and a half . Every day which they love. And they Love to play together. Sorry for the late update.  Gill you are doing a fantastic job!    High regards Justin and Joanne


Dear Gill,


It is now a year since you allowed Katie to join our family – and we love her more and more. She has been gaining in confidence steadily over the year, with the result that she enjoys her twice-daily walks on the local Forestry Commission land, running about off the lead between the trees, tail up, and leaping around in the bracken. Here is a picture which we took this afternoon of her waiting for the ball to be thrown.


She has put on a little weight, so that she now weighs 16.85 Kgs, but we have been keeping an eye on that, to ensure that she doesn’t put on any more. She behaves beautifully in the house, as she has always done, and is really affectionate. We have found that she has a problem with dust mites, but she is undergoing treatment for that.


With very best wishes,


Danielle and Simon Kay.


Hi Gill

Just a quick note to update you on Meg (was Floss)

We travelled from Bolton in Lancashire at the beginning of February to meet Meg and brought her home the same day. She was a timid little girl and when we got her home and at first hid under the conifer tree in the back garden. She did not play with toys or even a ball. And for the first few weeks she wasn't too sure about walks.

Well since then she has come on leaps and bounds. She is the first to the door when Walk is mentioned and within a short period of time she now walks off the lead and has good recall.  She likes to run across the fields looking for other dogs to play with.

About a month ago she took an interest in a tennis ball if only to pull all the fur from it. But now she will chase and play with a ball whenever she gets the chance 

Thanks again and to say keep up the good work 


Janet Ormrod


Dear Gill

 Please find attached a photo of Shadow (you knew her as Doris) with her friend Fly, my other collie, on a recent holiday to mid-Wales, which she absolutely loved! I've just bought a house in this area which we will use for holidays, Shadow quickly felt at home in true 'collie-country'!


 With best wishes,

Sharon Warnes


We have also posted the picture of how she looked when she arrived at the Spot before she found her forever home x x


Hello Gill


We hope you are well.As promised heres an up date on our dear Ellie who we had from you 11 months ago,as you know she is now 2 years old and she is just wonderfull,so loving.We will for ever be thankfull to you for introducing us to Ellie,photo enclosed,please put this message and pic on your success pages so all can see our beautifull girl


best wishes


Chris & Brian


Hi Gill and the team

Just wanted to say a big Thank You for all your hard work and dedication in helping find homes for so many dogs. Our gorgeous boy Logan who came home with us from 'The Spot' in June 2011. Such a hard decision to choose between the 2 litters of puppies with you at the time. We came along with the intentions of taking home a black and white bitch but ended up with a tri coloured male, lets say he chose us. He has the perfect temperament loving people and dogs and taking life in his stride. We have been doing agility training and we gave him the Kc working name of ' Spot on Hoologan'. He is due to compete in his first KC show at the end of september and being from working stock he is extremely bidable and just wants to please so fingers crossed we will have much success over the coming years. He lives with 2 cocker spaniels and a German shepherd so life for all of us is never boring. We enjoy long daily walks across the common and he goes fun swimming regularly at a hydro pool which he loves. I would love to hear from any owners of his litter brothers, I believe there were 5 boys all tri coloured.

Many Thanks Chris Russell


Hi Gill

We adopted Max from you a month ago and he is such a wonderful dog - so loving and affectionate.  He settled in almost as soon as we got him home (as you can see from the pictures) and he is very well behaved.  Somebody had obviously trained him to come and sit when called. He loves his walks in the woods and follows us everywhere we go.

We are absolutely thrilled to have him.  He welcomes either of us when we
come home with a very waggy tail.  He races around in circles, licks and
whines and is obviously so pleased to see us.

He is also a great guard dog wirth a very loud woof if any stranger
approaches the house.

Once again thank you for such a terrific dog.

Paul and Sue



Dear Gill,

 As promised here is an update on Stout, as you can see life here  is very stressful for poor Stout and he likes nothing more that relaxing in front of the TV of an evening to unwind. He has gained a little weight and has settled into life here very well. He has been on  long weekend holidays and discovered the sea, it doesnt taste and enjoys romping around the woods and fields at the back of the house here playing hide and seek and fetch or as he calls it, you throw, I chase, you fetch!! He has made lots of friends, human and canine and lives for cuddles, his frisbee and licking our ears.  He has fitted into life very well and is very much adored by everyone he meets. He comes to command, is learning some road sense and retrieves said frisbee when he can be bothered, surprisingly not that often. Thanks for everything and we all very much appreciate the hard work and dedication you give these poor rejected souls. Stout has filled the remaining slot in our family nicely and we wouldnt be without him, even if he does hog the sofa.


All the best Grant, Adrian and Stout         



Hi Gill,

Just a quick message and picture to let you know that Jake has made himself right at home and we all adore him .


Hello Gill,


 Thought I would send another update and a photo of Fleur. She has settled in very well and has already become part of the family. We have taken her out on a few long walks and let her off the lead. She never goes far away, and always checks to see where we are. She loves to play with a ball, comes back to us on command so we are really pleased with her. She hasn,t been near any other dogs as yet but hopefully it will not be a problem. Her only strange trait is wanting to watch TV at close quarters, but she  will come away when asked so its more amusing than annoying. She really is a character ,and we love her to bits ( especially our grandson ) so we are all very pleased to have been able to give her a home.


Thanks for everything and keep up the good work at the "Spot" !  


 Best wishes.....


Phil Leete


Ben and Ross

Dear Gill and all at Spot

It is now exactly a year since we collected Ben and Ross from you.  They were two four month old puppies which you had recently rescued from Wales.  Although they had never been in a house before, they quickly settled in and made themselves at home.  Jasmine, our resident matriarch made sure they behaved themselves and got house trained!

Before Ben and Ross arrived, we had just lost Ash, one of our Collies.  Jasmine had become very depressed, but with the arrival of these two youngsters she soon cheered up (as did we) and the pack was reformed.  We were relieved when after a couple of weeks, we were able to take them out for proper walks, and slowly got them used to their names and to us, so that we were quickly able to let them off the leads for longer and longer. 

Their antics, energy and love of life is a constant source of please to us.  We love them dearly, and are so pleased to have been able to give these two wonderful boys a chance at having a happy, and safe life.

With our very best wishes

Martha, Steve, Jasmine, Ben and Ross


Dear Gill,

We thought that you may like to know how our Katie is getting on. Our picture shows her on a lead in a wood near her home, but her early morning walk every day includes her rushing around our local recreation ground, having fun with the other dogs, off the lead. Recently we have also let her off the lead in a small local wood during her afternoon and she behaves impeccably.

She has put on some weight, but we are keeping an eye on that, as she was spayed last week. (The vet gave her the post-operative 'all clear' recently.) She seems to enjoy life, but sudden strange noises still tend to spook' her a little and she doesn't like shadows much. She has settled in well, she is firmly part of the family and Danielle and I love her dearly.

Best wishes,



Hi to everybody at The Border Collie Spot

I am writing to let you know how Diva (now called Dee or Deedie, when she's having cuddles) is getting on.

She has settled in really well and has made herself very much at home.  She has lost the excess weight that she arrived with and is full of energy.  We go for lots of lovely long walks in Sherwood Forest and she is extremely well-behaved.  I would love to know her training history as she is constantly looking for the next command.!

Thank you for letting us adopt Dee as she is the perfect loving and loyal
companion that we needed after Lulu, our old rescue dog, died in January.

My kindest regards

Liz and Nigel Huffen



Hello Gill

These are two photos of Maizee, now called Jenny, one when she first arrived and the other a few months later. I remember phoning you two weeks after we collected her as we were unable to do anything with her because she was so terrified - of us and everything around her.  She ran and hid in the furthest corner away from us and no amount of tempting would bring her out.  Walking her was impossible as I couldn't get her to leave the house.  You advised us to persevere and are we glad we did!  After three weeks, she suddenly plucked up enough courage to pick up a tennis ball and from that day, we haven't looked back.  I used the ball to get her out of the house and into the car under her own steam and now, 6 months down the line, she is a joy to have around and can't wait to go out and get in the car.  She is a bit wary of strangers coming to the house, but as long as they ignore her, she copes. We are at the park or beach every day, playing football of course! Thank you for my Jenny, she's lovely!!   


  Jean Waheed


Hi Gill

Just found your website and thought id drop you a line.
We got Blue from you some 5 years ago, He was quite a handful when we got
him but he came round
in the end, I have attached a Photo of him,He is such a handsome dog and is
totally devoted to our family
The picture was taken at Bisley Camp august last year.
Dave Nevatte


Hello Gill,

I thought I should send you a picture of Marley & Darcy together. Marley is a joy to have around & loves

going for a long walk! We've just been to the vets to register him and have him checked over (all is well) .He's much better with other dogs now and didn't take any notice of the Spaniel in the vets waiting room! I'm sure as time goes by he'll be get even better!!   

Keep up the great work!!

Harry & Carey   

We cannot thank Harry and Carey enough for taking this lovely boy on. When he arrived we were told he had issue,s with just about everything but this did not stop this lovely couple from adopting him and rising to the challenge. These dogs are breed for working hence they require regular exercise and stimulation and yes they can be strong willed but with the right training and understanding they are wonderful pets in the right hands.

Once again THANK YOU Harry and Carey for giving this boy a better life.

Pye ( was Poppit)

Hello Gill,


Just a bit of a update on Pye ( was Poppit ).

She is now best friends with Scrappy and they share toys, treats and chews.

 It’s been a bit of an up hill struggle with her but she had made good progress.  She’s called PYE now (don’t ask why) she’s clean in doors, off the lead in the woods with all the other dogs which is wonderful for her.  She does a huge out run which makes us a bit anxious, for some strange reason she doesn’t answer to her name in the woods, fine in doors comes back every time but not in the woods.  I expect her mind is on other things.  She’s getting over her fear of men, she almost goes up and sniffs them, women aren’t a problem.  So giant steps.

Thank you for bringing her to me , i never thought i would be able to love another collie.

Take care, chat soon,


Pat  and Maria


Hi Gill,

 Piper came home with us, aged two, in July 2011 having previously only lived a kennel life.  He was wary and shy of his new surroundings.

Stairs, carpet and television were clearly new experiences which he adapted to quite quickly. He was clean and housetrained within three days.

In the seven months that he has been living with us he has grown in confidence . It was a joy to see him first engage with toys and not automatically shying away from new experiences. His confidence has grown with love and understanding and he has surprised us how quick and willing to please he is with his training.
 He enjoys his walks and trips in the car,loves his food and is partial to raw carrots! He is becoming a great companion who is dearly loved.

 Kind regards

 Irene and David

Billie Jo

Hi Gill and team at the rescue.

 Just thought i would update you all on Billie Jo previously known as (Beth) progress since i picked up from the rescue on 30th December 2011.
She is coming on in leaps and bounds now, she was the quiet and the smallest pup of the litter who when we first met seemed unsure and a little worried you wouldn't think so if you saw her now she is a totally different dog with a huge personality and character.
When we first got home after our 4-5 hour drive to Scunthorpe North Lincs.she just flopped into our arms after having puppy milk and food she slept all through the night, the following day as for the 2 after she was reluctant to eat anything despite what we offered her.
The following week she lived on puppy milk and multi vitamins from the vet who we visited since then we have not looked back she eats very well enjoying her food and treats.
She has gone from strength to strength she is now a very confident happy little girl who loves people and other dogs,she is very playful with both people and my other 2 rescue border collie's Prinnie (9) and Chesney(4) she is full of energy, plays and wants to learn new things every day.
I own a pet care service business in Scunthorpe we look after many pets for my customers in this area, Billie Jo often comes with me to walk customers pets and mixes very well with those pets i look after.
She gets on very well with all dogs goes down on command both on and off the lead,waits at the kerbside and when getting in and out of the car, plays fetch and is brilliant at recall.
She is a very bright, loveable little girl who is adorable she sleeps on the bed cuddled up with me and my other 2 and loves nothing more than to be running in a field with my other dogs playing ball or hiding games.
 It is wonderful to see the change in her and amazing that she is developing into a beautiful happy outgoing and confident dog after what she and her brothers and sisters had to go through, i am sure that she will have many happy years to come with our family, she is such a bundle of joy.
it would be nice to meet up her brothers and sisters and their new families if this is possible.
Kind regards




Hi Gill

Kip has settled in really well. She has put on weight, is now housetrained and off the lead. The boys love playing with her and she loves running with the other dogs on the common.

Best Wishes

The Thurston family

Wilson (was dancer)


Thought I would drop you a line to fill you in on news of Wilson (who was Dancer). He has settled really well, is affectionate, potty trained, knows his name, loves Tuna and loves his toys and treats. He loves chasing his ball up the corridor of our home and bringing it back and he absolutely loves helping me polish the table by pulling the rag the other way and jumping up onto the table to help!

He goes to Richmond Park every single day for a nice long walk and is very sociable with other dogs and especially people. He tends to love running after joggers, I am sure one of his herding instincts!! He has a doggie friend in Rolf a cockapoo and they absolutely love playing together and walk in the park together often. We are absolutely besotted with him and the best part of our day is when he climbs up for a cuddle and lays in our arms like a baby…. Would be really happy to get him together with his brothers and sisters as I notice one of his siblings new owners mentioned it, more than happy for you to pass on our details.

Kind regards and thanks for giving us our very special family member, we all adore him!

Mel x

Taff (was spice)

Dear Gill
I thought I,d let you know how Taff is doing since we picked him up in early January. He is a complete joy to us and he and Flynn have bonded really well. He is almost completely potty trained with just the occasional accident , usually after one of his never ending bouts of play with Flynn. His favourite game is to pounce on Flynn as he can,t catch him yet. His recall is excellent already. His lead work is coming along and he is an extremely sociable puppy with other dogs and people.We would love to hear from any of Taffs litter mates to see how they are fairing. He had his first introduction last week to agility, just watching Flynn. I can,t with till he’s old enough to start himself. It’s obvious he has come from working stock since he loves to crouch down and pounce on Flynn as Flynn charges by.
As you can see from the photos, he is a happy and contented little puppy

Best wished to you

Hazel and Keith


Hi Gill,

I thought I would drop you a line to let you know how the collie puppy is doing.We have called her Feliz which means happy in Portuguese.
She’is into everything, very clever and is now showing great interest in agility stuff. We have a tunnel that she thinks is great fun and is already manoeuvring in and out of poles, legs and anything else available.
Sultan adores her and in the beginning if not stopped, was prone to wander about with her in his mouth, now we have persuaded him to carry a toy Bugs Bunny instead. They play together sleep together and generally get up to much mischief together. I used to have a wonderful herb garden in the yard at the back of the house. Now it is just a soggy mass of soil and huge holes where the two of them have been digging. I have abandoned the idea of a herb garden for the foreseeable future!
They get to play on the downs, the beach and in the sea. They love playing ball, Sultan is much faster at the moment but Feliz is not far behind and is good at cutting him off. It’s great to watch.

Many thanks



Hi Gill,

A quick update on this little dog who had a lot of problems Just look at her now.
Shows what can be done with patience and love.
She really has turned into the most wonderful pet, I couldn’t ask for more,
but then I always knew she would. If I can get the accuracy sorted in
agility, I think she will go far, she is very very quick and loves it so
much, but gets a little hyped at the competitions. I have attached a of picture of her doing what she does best.


Dearest Gill,

I found your web sight the other day and thought you might like to see a picture of another of your success stories. We’d lost our dear old border collie at the great age of 18 years and after quite a few months life seemed so empty without a four legged friend around.
Then we came to see 3 year old Bouncer and it was love at first sight. As you said at the time – he chose us! He’s a lovely dog and travels well when we go down to our house in Crantock, where we spend at least 4 months of the year. He has never lost his fear of guns and all similar noises but at least just looks for reassurance these days that everything is fine.

You do a brilliant job,
and 4 years on I just wanted to say
‘Thank You’
and Merry Christmas,
Lyn Prosser


Hi Gill,

We have had Ruby (renamed Poppy) for 1 year now. If you remember we already had a cat called Ruby and as we saw her on Poppy Day on our first visit, it seemed appropriate to call her that. She is a beautiful dog, and has settled in very well with our lives. The grandchildren love her as does everyone who comes into contact with her. She enjoys her holidays in our caravan, and loves to go for long walks,the sea is another wonderful place she loves visiting. Thank you for making our lives so special, with this friendly, loving dog. Keep up your good work, it is so worthwhile.

Our thanks again

Hilary and Brian deHavilland


Hi Gill,

Cracker being Cracker, there was drama in the vets. On thursday night he managed to get out of his cage, got into one of the consulting rooms, switched a tap on at the same time as knocking the paper towel dispenser into the sink and flooded the surgery! By the time the night staff caught him, the place was pretty wet! (This may go some way to explain the enormous vet bill!!!)

Other than that, we are doing really well. He continues to be a handful, but an absolutely delightful handful. He is better on the lead now but we still have a way to go. He now likes the car and is happy travelling which is a big relief as we can go out into the hills for long walks without stress at either end of the journey.
Take care Gill and all the collies at the spot.

Best wishes Jill Caress


Dear Gill,

I would like to send you a couple of photos of MISTI who now dominates the Cannon home.

She has been a fantastic dog and the 3 weeks we have had her she really hasn’t put a foot wrong. After the loss of our last dog in February 2011 she has breathed life back into the house. She adores the beach and mountainside and will chase and retrieve a ball all day every day. We all love her. Here you can see MISTI waiting for the ball on Porthcawl Beach.

Kind Regards Paul.

Scooby and Jack

Hi Gill ( my saviour)

Its been a year now since you let take that scared and bruised Scooby home, what a difference a year makes. It was hard to give him the space to build his confidence but not really as i was still grieving my little one. Hopefully the demons have gone now !
He loves anyone who will throw the ball or give him a treat and he very much loves the kittens he was so terrified of in the begining.
Jack ( was Zinzan) who you chose for me this august has bonded so well with Scooby and after about 6 weeks learn,t not to chase the cats! He is still scared of strangers especially when they walk past the car but i hope in time he will heal as well.
I can,t thank you enough for caring for these poor lost soles and giving them hope.

All my love


Hello Gill,

Lovely to meet you yesterday and to meet the pups and Freddie.

We got him home, gave him a brush, a walk and he’s been exploring the house. He’s full of energy and character and we all love him to bits ! He wolfed down his dinner, and slept by our bed all night so I think he’ll be ok !

I’ve attached some pictures for you. We’ll be in touch again and give you a further update.

We’re delighted with him, and I’m confident once he gets familiar with a routine he’ll be absolutely perfect.

Thanks again for all you help.

I’ll be in touch again soon.

kindest regards

Julie and Andrew Hickey


Crystal (Tilly)

Dear Gill,

We thought you’d like an update on Crystal (now Tilly for short). She has gained in confidence and no longer lies down on her back when approached. We discovered she could bark after a month of silence and she lets us know when the postman has been. She is still alarmed by sudden noises but has now thankfully become accustomed to the toaster and the microwave! However her sweet nature shines through and she is a thoroughly lovable member of the family. She is now off the lead in the park and has a really good run around. In terms of life in the bookshop she has settled in well to her new career and likes nothing better than calling in the local newsagents first thing in the morning for the daily paper and a treat. She has just returned from a brief holiday in Northumberland where she watched sheep through the gate with great interest, but has adapted to life with us really well.

Thanks Gill and hope all is well at the Spot

Carole and Richard Knowles


Moss has grown into a great character and we love him very much, his idea of showing affection is to come and lean on you and offer you his rear end! Although he is great with other dogs if anyone takes liberties with him he tells them in true collie fashion! He is still a worrier and will suddenly decide he’s frightened of something – for no obvious reason but that’s just how he is, and when he’s confused or thinks he’s being ignored he gets very vocal.

He is pretty obedient these days and we do agility for fun which he loves and is great at, he took part in two displays in the summer and did really well – totally focussed on the job in hand and ignoring things he’d normally be bothered by.

Best wishes to you and all at the spot

Tricia, Peter & Moss


Hi Gill,

Just to let you know how Reggie is. We have just come back from seven weeks touring in our caravan. Reggie had a great time he seems to take every thing in his stride and people are always stopping us to ask
about him and where we had him from. You were right when you said he is happy as long as he has a ball to
play with, he also likes going into the sea and no seagull is safe when he is on the beach.

Regards Ann/Brian Darvill




We thought you might like a recent picture of Merlin who has been such a joy for the last three years. We are so lucky to have found him at the Border Collie Spot. He loves lying in the sun, but as he is deaf in one ear, if he is lying on his good one he can’t hear you call! His walks are full of delightful scents and he loves a game of catch the ball.

Good wishes from Gerry and Delphine