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Wilson (was dancer)


Thought I would drop you a line to fill you in on news of Wilson (who was Dancer). He has settled really well, is affectionate, potty trained, knows his name, loves Tuna and loves his toys and treats. He loves chasing his ball up the corridor of our home and bringing it back and he absolutely loves helping me polish the table by pulling the rag the other way and jumping up onto the table to help!

He goes to Richmond Park every single day for a nice long walk and is very sociable with other dogs and especially people. He tends to love running after joggers, I am sure one of his herding instincts!! He has a doggie friend in Rolf a cockapoo and they absolutely love playing together and walk in the park together often. We are absolutely besotted with him and the best part of our day is when he climbs up for a cuddle and lays in our arms like a baby…. Would be really happy to get him together with his brothers and sisters as I notice one of his siblings new owners mentioned it, more than happy for you to pass on our details.

Kind regards and thanks for giving us our very special family member, we all adore him!

Mel x