loving the unloved, homing the homeless


Dear Gill & The Spot Team Teddy is a joy and he seems to be thoroughly enjoying his new life with us. Many of the fears rooted in the previous 12 yrs have already been overcome in just 4 mths, and Teddy's character is beginning to shine. Teddy is very nearly housetrained; has learned to play; gained muscle tone (although still underweight); and is generally both healthier and more confident. We knew that taking on an older, untrained, abused boy would require time, patience, money, and consistency. And it has - plenty of each! But the rewards are immense and Teddy gives to us so much pleasure, laughter, fun, affection and companionship. I am grateful for the day Teddy put his head on my knee and came to stay :-) Best wishes, Vicky & Dave