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Taff (was spice)

Dear Gill
I thought I,d let you know how Taff is doing since we picked him up in early January. He is a complete joy to us and he and Flynn have bonded really well. He is almost completely potty trained with just the occasional accident , usually after one of his never ending bouts of play with Flynn. His favourite game is to pounce on Flynn as he can,t catch him yet. His recall is excellent already. His lead work is coming along and he is an extremely sociable puppy with other dogs and people.We would love to hear from any of Taffs litter mates to see how they are fairing. He had his first introduction last week to agility, just watching Flynn. I can,t with till he’s old enough to start himself. It’s obvious he has come from working stock since he loves to crouch down and pounce on Flynn as Flynn charges by.
As you can see from the photos, he is a happy and contented little puppy

Best wished to you

Hazel and Keith