loving the unloved, homing the homeless


Dear Gill,

 As promised here is an update on Stout, as you can see life here  is very stressful for poor Stout and he likes nothing more that relaxing in front of the TV of an evening to unwind. He has gained a little weight and has settled into life here very well. He has been on  long weekend holidays and discovered the sea, it doesnt taste and enjoys romping around the woods and fields at the back of the house here playing hide and seek and fetch or as he calls it, you throw, I chase, you fetch!! He has made lots of friends, human and canine and lives for cuddles, his frisbee and licking our ears.  He has fitted into life very well and is very much adored by everyone he meets. He comes to command, is learning some road sense and retrieves said frisbee when he can be bothered, surprisingly not that often. Thanks for everything and we all very much appreciate the hard work and dedication you give these poor rejected souls. Stout has filled the remaining slot in our family nicely and we wouldnt be without him, even if he does hog the sofa.


All the best Grant, Adrian and Stout