loving the unloved, homing the homeless


Hi Gill,   We got Seren from you in August 2010. She was terrified of just about everything when we picked her up from you, but she’s now so much more confident and a wonderful little dog. She loves being out and about and has been on long walks in and around London, travelled on the train and the tube and experienced all sorts of things en route. She is happiest running free on the beach or in the park and loves her long walks with my other dog, Millie. She loves to paddle and is a good swimmer but only if I go in first! She has walked the Seven Sisters in Sussex with me, enjoyed long walks in Wales and Devon and is about to experience the North Norfolk coastal path. In her local park where we walk most days she is always hurtling around to say hello to her favourite dogs and dog walkers, her tail wagging madly. She is great company, loves to snuggle up to either myself or Millie, she is very well behaved and quickly learns new commands. She is still a bit scared of strangers but with every new experience she gets a bit more confident. Thanks you so much for letting Seren into our lives. Keep up the good work.  Regards,Julie Poole.