loving the unloved, homing the homeless

Scooby and Jack

Hi Gill ( my saviour)

Its been a year now since you let take that scared and bruised Scooby home, what a difference a year makes. It was hard to give him the space to build his confidence but not really as i was still grieving my little one. Hopefully the demons have gone now !
He loves anyone who will throw the ball or give him a treat and he very much loves the kittens he was so terrified of in the begining.
Jack ( was Zinzan) who you chose for me this august has bonded so well with Scooby and after about 6 weeks learn,t not to chase the cats! He is still scared of strangers especially when they walk past the car but i hope in time he will heal as well.
I can,t thank you enough for caring for these poor lost soles and giving them hope.

All my love