loving the unloved, homing the homeless


Hi Gill

 Just wanted to thank you for allowing Sasha into our lives.  She has brighten them beyond our dreams.  She is an absolute delight and has settled very well.  She travels like a pro and is fine to be left for a couple of hours on her own.  She has plenty of toys (both at home and at the shop). She is a great ambassador for your work. She is our No #1 sales leader as so many people see her looking at them through the shop window as she 'people watches' they all come in to give her cuddles (and she loves it). At the weekend we went to a fantastic parkland area where she could run for miles and miles ... thought I'd send you a photo for your album. She has even made it into the press as we were interviewed by our local paper ... We even managed to get your organisation a mention ... "Gill and Alan have just added another employee to their already successful store - a six month old border collie called Sasha.  The couple adopted the pup from a rescue centre called The Border Collie Spot.  In the future they plan on finding ways in-store to raise funds for the animal centre by selling recycled beer bottles for people brewing their own." Will keep you posted with progress but so far she is just the best. Hope things are going well for you and the rescues are going well. Kind regardsGill, Alan and Sasha