loving the unloved, homing the homeless


Hi Gill,


We adopted this cheeky minx Roxy from you in February this year. She guards our house well, barking at everyone until she recognises them. She is very affectionate and enjoys lots of kisses and cuddles. She is also very vocal when she wants something and ‘talks’ to us until she gets it. She is extremely crafty, sneaking onto the sofa on cold nights, then pretending she hasn’t by getting back in her own bed before we get downstairs. We always know by the dent in the rug and the cushions on the floor. She loves to go out especially with her dad and will follow him for miles finding anything ‘throwable’. She plays ball for hours with the grandchildren and loves cricket season, where she walks around the field all afternoon finding biddable humans to throw for her. She still doesn’t like other dogs much, but we are hoping given time she will realise that no-one is going to hurt us or take us away from her. We would not change her for the world.


Lesley and Dave