loving the unloved, homing the homeless


When Red came into rescue he was a very nervous and withdrawn little boy. This is how he lives his life now xx


Here is a little idea of Red’s typical day...


Wake up at 6.30 next to mum on the bed (Floss, the previous bed princess has been relegated to the foot end by me!), roll like a total hooligan until I fall off the bed, jump back on , repeat. Race round the upstairs and try to beat Floss down to the kitchen. Sniff Bob (Mr Sensible) good morning and look angelic on the bed in front of the aga. My self control is rubbish, I get so excited about going out for a walk that I do the wall of death round the kitchen before mum gets the treats out and I prove I can do a fabby sit wait, whilst she wrestles into coats and wellies. Hurtle down the path (got to beat Floss) and do angelic wait until mum gets the car open and ready for us. Hurtle in, get chauffeured to walk site, farm or woods etc. We all have to sit and wait to get out (we pretend we have manners when out in public ! ) Mum pops home at lunch, gives us all snuggles and stuffed kongs for the afternoon. At hometime I repeat my morning routine of wall of death, angelic sit waits, car journey, ball games or long walk, then more eating...life is tough!


Evenings are lounging round or clicker games or agility classes.

On Sundays mum teaches agility so I get to play lots, we have long runs in the woods before and after too. The toys we have for agility training are great fun, squeaky and bouncy and yummy treats in them too. At night I go out for a quick...ohhh I don’t need to tell you that bit.... and then race upstairs to beat Floss to the top of mum’s bed.

I often do ‘spoons’ cuddles with mum in bed but then I dream a lot and make funny groaning noises so mum laughs at me and rolls over.

I dream all night of lovely things I have done, like camping in the summer, meeting new dogs, being brave and not barking at strangers, walking on a lead and being adored zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Then before I know it I wake up just before the alarm goes off and roll like a hooligan again......


Lots of Love


Red xx