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Pye ( was Poppit)

Hello Gill,


Just a bit of a update on Pye ( was Poppit ).

She is now best friends with Scrappy and they share toys, treats and chews.

 It’s been a bit of an up hill struggle with her but she had made good progress.  She’s called PYE now (don’t ask why) she’s clean in doors, off the lead in the woods with all the other dogs which is wonderful for her.  She does a huge out run which makes us a bit anxious, for some strange reason she doesn’t answer to her name in the woods, fine in doors comes back every time but not in the woods.  I expect her mind is on other things.  She’s getting over her fear of men, she almost goes up and sniffs them, women aren’t a problem.  So giant steps.

Thank you for bringing her to me , i never thought i would be able to love another collie.

Take care, chat soon,


Pat  and Maria