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Dear Gill,


I thought I would send you an update on Mirk (who came to us in early September 2013). 


Mirk came to us as a potential worker but quickly proved he was far too sensitive to work sheep. I fell in love with him and we developed a strong bond. It took nearly 12 months to build his confidence enough to get him training properly but he is now the sort of dog I can take anywhere. We go out each day twice a day and we meet up with friends on a Sunday morning for a walk and then breakfast. The photo shows his best friends (Ruby the beagle and Murphy the lab). Everybody loves Mirk and people keep saying that they will have him if anything happens to me… should I be worried? Getting a ‘Spot dog’ is a great idea as you know exactly what you are getting. I fell in love with Mirk’s ears and the fact he throws toys for himself. Next time though, I’d like a non-moulting collie!!


All the best,


Marianne and Steve