loving the unloved, homing the homeless


Hi Gill

Just a quick note to update you on Meg (was Floss)

We travelled from Bolton in Lancashire at the beginning of February to meet Meg and brought her home the same day. She was a timid little girl and when we got her home and at first hid under the conifer tree in the back garden. She did not play with toys or even a ball. And for the first few weeks she wasn't too sure about walks.

Well since then she has come on leaps and bounds. She is the first to the door when Walk is mentioned and within a short period of time she now walks off the lead and has good recall.  She likes to run across the fields looking for other dogs to play with.

About a month ago she took an interest in a tennis ball if only to pull all the fur from it. But now she will chase and play with a ball whenever she gets the chance 

Thanks again and to say keep up the good work 


Janet Ormrod