loving the unloved, homing the homeless


Hello Gill,

I thought I should send you a picture of Marley & Darcy together. Marley is a joy to have around & loves

going for a long walk! We've just been to the vets to register him and have him checked over (all is well) .He's much better with other dogs now and didn't take any notice of the Spaniel in the vets waiting room! I'm sure as time goes by he'll be get even better!!   

Keep up the great work!!

Harry & Carey   

We cannot thank Harry and Carey enough for taking this lovely boy on. When he arrived we were told he had issue,s with just about everything but this did not stop this lovely couple from adopting him and rising to the challenge. These dogs are breed for working hence they require regular exercise and stimulation and yes they can be strong willed but with the right training and understanding they are wonderful pets in the right hands.

Once again THANK YOU Harry and Carey for giving this boy a better life.