loving the unloved, homing the homeless


Dear Gill Can't believe its nearly six months since we adopted Lucky. He has settled in well, is very much calmer and enjoying life as a pet after many years as a working dog. Has slimmed down, we have to keep adjusting his collar, and is looking quite handsome. When I say calmer he can still be quite a live wire and sometimes its hard to believe he is over 12 years old, although after a long walk suddenly all goes quite and you find him giving in to his age and snoozing in his basket. We have enjoyed some lovely walks on the South Downs with him this summer, taking three packed lunches with us, he has to have one too. He is very good at recall and ignores all live stock, thank goodness, loves water clean or dirty and had a thoroughly good time. It has not been all plain sailing, he does not get on to well with male dogs. Also as you are aware he does not like being brushed, so we do what we can, and decided that one half of him will just have to stay scruffy.Recently we had to pay a visit to the vet for a minor problem, he was very well behaved and even let the vet give him a bit of a hair cut, so at present is looking very smart and knot free. We have both become very attached to him, he adores my husband they spend many a happy hour in the garden one tidying, the other pulling it to pieces. He certainly keeps us on our toes but we would not have it any other way. Kind Regards Reg and Emilia