loving the unloved, homing the homeless


Dear Gill – just wanted to update you on Lady who has fitted into our lives like a beautiful black and white glove!  We love her dearly and Peanut (nearly) does too...............there have been a few ups and downs of course but she is such a character and so loving it has been a privilege to have her in our lives. Her dreadful fear of gunshot  and loud noises has not gone completely but we can take her out,  off the lead now without her disappearing into the bushes and she even likes most men who come into the house........crowds spook her a bit but we are working on that and we did expect that she would need at least a year to recover from the traumas of Romania and travelling etc..............she even jumps in the back of the car now too!  And has this wonderful way of “chatting” to you......... But thank you for bringing her to the UK,  we are so happy to have her in the family. Best wishes to you all  – Maddy & Chris Bushnell