loving the unloved, homing the homeless


Hi Gill, just wanted to give you an update on Kobi, thank you so much for putting us in touch with his fosterers he is my perfect pup and i wouldn't ever be without him! We rehomed him in October and he has settled in brilliantly, sorry for sending so many photos i just couldn't choose any favourites! When kobi first arrived with us he was nervous which obviously was to be expected as he had been passed around a bit already in his little life, but he quickly got to grips with the basic rules of the house! He is brilliant with other dogs which is such a plus because mum is a dog walker and boarder so kobi has a great big pack to be a part of. His little big brother scamp is the tri coloured jack russel and he's the boss of the other dogs, kobi knows that scamp's bones are his and he is not to be messed with! Despite this they get on perfectly and are even caught snuggling on the sofa now and again. Kobi also met maisie the chocolate lab x spaniel who comes to our house almost every day, and we're fairly sure she is the love of his life! They cuddle on the sofa and in the car, and after walks kobi cleans maisie before he cleans himself!Kobi is such a clever dog he picks things up so quickly,  he knows loads of new tricks and is really obedient 98% of the time! We started agility classes in november and he has learnt so quickly and he really enjoys it. Kobi was a very spoilt dog at Christmas,  he got a new bed from me and lots of treats from his doggy friends and their parents, and mum bought him a coat and a seesaw and tunnel for us to practice agility with!Even though kobi and scamp both got new beds for Christmas they prefer to sleep with me on my bed, which is fine by me as i dont have a heater! He also loves to go with me on runs and bike rides because then i can just about keep up with him! One of his favourite things is to cuddle with me while i drink a cup of tea and then he drinks a sneaky bit from the bottom of the cup!We all love him so much and I wouldn't trade him for the world, he's my little partner in crime and my best friend, thank you so much again for helping me find him! Love from Luli, Kobi, Scamp and the pack :)