loving the unloved, homing the homeless

Kitty ( now Bonnie )

Dear Gill,


                Just to let you know Bonnie is now a boisterous and happy girl. She has learned to play and loves her toys, understood after two days that she had her own bed and didn’t have to sleep on the floor and that she wasn’t going to be shut out all night. She is the most loving dog, adores a cuddle but will wave her legs around and nearly poke one’s eye out but we are working on that. She’s still a nightmare on the lead but as good as gold off it. She comes out with me when I’m riding when I’m not doing any road work and has already had one holiday and behaved beautifully at the hotel and is always a welcome guest at our friends’ when we need to leave her. She is very good with the grandchildren but does get over excited if they scream! It worries her I think but there’s never any aggression. She has now been with us nearly eight months and we wouldn’t be without her.


                She and Buddy (the dog we look after twice a week) adore each other and she gets on extremely well with the two dogs where she stays. She is tentative and submissive with strange dogs but once she realises there’s nothing to fear, she’s fine.


                We love her to bits and are so grateful to you for letting us have her in our lives. I’m adding some photos so you can see how she’s looking. I think I told you she burst all her stitches when we had her spayed and had to be resewn and wear the cone of shame, I don’t know who was most pleased when the stitches came out and she could discard the cone and stop clearing the coffee table and knocking our legs from under us. Despite being told to keep her quiet,(an impossible task as she insisted on flying round the garden and hurdling the daffodils) it was a losing battle but she did stay sewn up the second time and now you can’t see the join!

 Again, many thanks for introducing us to Bonnie and letting us rescue her. She has filled the empty space in our hearts left by our last little girl nearly a year ago