loving the unloved, homing the homeless


Dear Gill,


It is now a year since you allowed Katie to join our family – and we love her more and more. She has been gaining in confidence steadily over the year, with the result that she enjoys her twice-daily walks on the local Forestry Commission land, running about off the lead between the trees, tail up, and leaping around in the bracken. Here is a picture which we took this afternoon of her waiting for the ball to be thrown.


She has put on a little weight, so that she now weighs 16.85 Kgs, but we have been keeping an eye on that, to ensure that she doesn’t put on any more. She behaves beautifully in the house, as she has always done, and is really affectionate. We have found that she has a problem with dust mites, but she is undergoing treatment for that.


With very best wishes,


Danielle and Simon Kay.