loving the unloved, homing the homeless

Kai ( was Boris )

We were lucky enough to adopt Kai (was Boris) in Sep 14 and he is doing great. He sometimes thinks he is a cat and really mimics their behaviour - so funny to see him sit on our table in the conservatory one minute and help the cats corner a mouse the next!!!! The cats are most definitely the Boss but they now live together in harmony -which is a huge relief. Kai has on average 4 walks a day and he even gets to go running with his Dad (Paul) on weekends - which he absolutely loves and then he does agility with me, a real natural. His favourite two holidays so far were: 4 days running along beaches in Essex with my parents and a week on Dartmoor walking - which was just doggy heaven. We really have found a true companion for life and wouldn't swap him for the world.If Boris' siblings (Clown & Dougie - I think) and their owners are reading this - it would be great sometime to reunite the brothers and sister at a Park somewhere - if interested, please ask Gill for my email address - as I would love for Boris to see his family and to send a Gill a photo of the trio (think there were only 3) reunited. Thank you so much to you and the team for all you did for Boris (now Kai) and what you continue to do - great work! Take care Jo