loving the unloved, homing the homeless


Hi Gill, Thought I’d let you see how well Jack is doing. We adopted him from you in October 2012. He was a cruelty case from Ireland who you called Patch as he only had a small patch  of fur when you rescued him.He has settled in very well and absolutely adores his ‘sister’ Sally, from whom he has learnt how to be a dog. His new best friend is Molly our kitten, they play together and curl up together when they are tired.We have moved to Scotland since adopting Jack, he now has over an acre of garden to play in, and at least two hour long walks every day in the forest behind the house. This is in addition to almost daily outings to the beach which is only five miles away, or hill walking with us. He has been a super addition to the family and we wouldn’t be without him. RegardsTracey