loving the unloved, homing the homeless


Hello Gill,


 Thought I would send another update and a photo of Fleur. She has settled in very well and has already become part of the family. We have taken her out on a few long walks and let her off the lead. She never goes far away, and always checks to see where we are. She loves to play with a ball, comes back to us on command so we are really pleased with her. She hasn,t been near any other dogs as yet but hopefully it will not be a problem. Her only strange trait is wanting to watch TV at close quarters, but she  will come away when asked so its more amusing than annoying. She really is a character ,and we love her to bits ( especially our grandson ) so we are all very pleased to have been able to give her a home.


Thanks for everything and keep up the good work at the "Spot" !  


 Best wishes.....


Phil Leete