loving the unloved, homing the homeless


Hi Jill It's Fidget here. I've got on Alan's laptop so I can tell you he's letting me stay!!!  It was a bit touch and go at first. I know you said I had to be good, but I wasnt always sure how to do that. I kept getting told off for things, so I kept biting Alan. I know now it was silly, because he gives me lots of cuddles and I really love him. I just couldn't get out of my head that I needed to be in charge.Even now I still get the odd moment. He's got this really big television in the lounge (and one in the bedroom which is good if you want to lie down and watch it) so I can watch all sorts of things. Sometimes horses come on there and I forget it's a tv and try to go play with them. I get told off then, because I bark a lot as I get confused as to why I can't reach them. But I'm starting to remember more often now that it's just the TV.I really like JJ, who is a bit older than me, and doesnt seem to want to play as much. But he does let me sleep next to him now. He even lets me finish his dinner if he's not hungry. Tho Dad tells me off for that too :( I went to the beach recently - it's really strange. There's lot of water there but it tastes weird. I didn't like it - even though I tried it 6 or 7 times! Thank-you for finding me a new home. I really love it down here. I hope you aren't missing me too much. I've added some photos for you to see - aren't I a clever dog! Lots of woofs, wags and love  Fidgetxxxx (Oh Alan says hello. No, sorry he said Hello, what are you doing on the laptop. Better go. Wooooooofffff. Lick!)