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Hi Gill,

I thought I would drop you a line to let you know how the collie puppy is doing.We have called her Feliz which means happy in Portuguese.
She’is into everything, very clever and is now showing great interest in agility stuff. We have a tunnel that she thinks is great fun and is already manoeuvring in and out of poles, legs and anything else available.
Sultan adores her and in the beginning if not stopped, was prone to wander about with her in his mouth, now we have persuaded him to carry a toy Bugs Bunny instead. They play together sleep together and generally get up to much mischief together. I used to have a wonderful herb garden in the yard at the back of the house. Now it is just a soggy mass of soil and huge holes where the two of them have been digging. I have abandoned the idea of a herb garden for the foreseeable future!
They get to play on the downs, the beach and in the sea. They love playing ball, Sultan is much faster at the moment but Feliz is not far behind and is good at cutting him off. It’s great to watch.

Many thanks