loving the unloved, homing the homeless


Dear Gill and Michelle,
We are really enjoying getting to know and love Dan. Every week now he shows a different side to him and it is fascinating watching him develop into a wonderful dog. He is going through several puppy stages which were obviously delayed through his life on a farm. He has learnt to play and have fun on his walks. He loves catching and running after a ball or stick and is very focused on these activities, so much so that he will ignore anything else around him!! He keeps his toys and belongings in his basket but we have to be careful as he will swing them up in the air and jump after them indoors and then knock things over! He loves herding and stalking our cat and again is so focused that nothing else matters. She at 19 years old just ignores him and does her own thing. They are almost touching nose to nose!The only big thing to do now is to slowly leave him alone at home. So far he won't let us do this without trying to escape! We will do this very slowly aand see how we get on in the new year.
Mags and Neal