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Crystal (Tilly)

Dear Gill,

We thought youÂ’d like an update on Crystal (now Tilly for short). She has gained in confidence and no longer lies down on her back when approached. We discovered she could bark after a month of silence and she lets us know when the postman has been. She is still alarmed by sudden noises but has now thankfully become accustomed to the toaster and the microwave! However her sweet nature shines through and she is a thoroughly lovable member of the family. She is now off the lead in the park and has a really good run around. In terms of life in the bookshop she has settled in well to her new career and likes nothing better than calling in the local newsagents first thing in the morning for the daily paper and a treat. She has just returned from a brief holiday in Northumberland where she watched sheep through the gate with great interest, but has adapted to life with us really well.

Thanks Gill and hope all is well at the Spot

Carole and Richard Knowles