loving the unloved, homing the homeless


Hi Gill and All at Spot Just to let you know that Bluey (was Jackeo) is a very happy little girl. She has been with us for four years in November. We were very lucky that you chose her for us in November 2010 as we originally came to see another dog. When our dog Barney met him though he clearly didn't approve. You said 'I know I've got just the dog' and out came Jackeo and they got on great! Barney and Bluey are now great friends and she is definitely top dog. It took a little while for them to sort out their differences as Barney decided when she first arrived at home that he wasn't keen to share his house and family. But eventually Barney learnt to keep quiet as it's an easier life that way (even though he's much bigger than Bluey - he's our gentle giant). Thanks for all the great advice you gave me when I kept phoning worrying they wouldn't work it out. Bluey was only 11 months old when we got her and you said she'd already had three previous owners! You also said that the last owners gave her back as she wouldn't walk to heel! Can't understand why as she is such a good girl and now understands that she's very loved and has her forever home. She's a real Daddies girl. We recently got married in October and the children (Bluey & Barney) were there too (i've attached a photo's). They were very well behaved. Thanks for all the wonderful work you doJo and Al Rennie