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Billie Jo

Hi Gill and team at the rescue.

 Just thought i would update you all on Billie Jo previously known as (Beth) progress since i picked up from the rescue on 30th December 2011.
She is coming on in leaps and bounds now, she was the quiet and the smallest pup of the litter who when we first met seemed unsure and a little worried you wouldn't think so if you saw her now she is a totally different dog with a huge personality and character.
When we first got home after our 4-5 hour drive to Scunthorpe North Lincs.she just flopped into our arms after having puppy milk and food she slept all through the night, the following day as for the 2 after she was reluctant to eat anything despite what we offered her.
The following week she lived on puppy milk and multi vitamins from the vet who we visited since then we have not looked back she eats very well enjoying her food and treats.
She has gone from strength to strength she is now a very confident happy little girl who loves people and other dogs,she is very playful with both people and my other 2 rescue border collie's Prinnie (9) and Chesney(4) she is full of energy, plays and wants to learn new things every day.
I own a pet care service business in Scunthorpe we look after many pets for my customers in this area, Billie Jo often comes with me to walk customers pets and mixes very well with those pets i look after.
She gets on very well with all dogs goes down on command both on and off the lead,waits at the kerbside and when getting in and out of the car, plays fetch and is brilliant at recall.
She is a very bright, loveable little girl who is adorable she sleeps on the bed cuddled up with me and my other 2 and loves nothing more than to be running in a field with my other dogs playing ball or hiding games.
 It is wonderful to see the change in her and amazing that she is developing into a beautiful happy outgoing and confident dog after what she and her brothers and sisters had to go through, i am sure that she will have many happy years to come with our family, she is such a bundle of joy.
it would be nice to meet up her brothers and sisters and their new families if this is possible.
Kind regards