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Ben and Ross

Dear Gill and all at Spot

It is now exactly a year since we collected Ben and Ross from you.  They were two four month old puppies which you had recently rescued from Wales.  Although they had never been in a house before, they quickly settled in and made themselves at home.  Jasmine, our resident matriarch made sure they behaved themselves and got house trained!

Before Ben and Ross arrived, we had just lost Ash, one of our Collies.  Jasmine had become very depressed, but with the arrival of these two youngsters she soon cheered up (as did we) and the pack was reformed.  We were relieved when after a couple of weeks, we were able to take them out for proper walks, and slowly got them used to their names and to us, so that we were quickly able to let them off the leads for longer and longer. 

Their antics, energy and love of life is a constant source of please to us.  We love them dearly, and are so pleased to have been able to give these two wonderful boys a chance at having a happy, and safe life.

With our very best wishes

Martha, Steve, Jasmine, Ben and Ross