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Hello Gill


I thought I'd write to let you know how well our pup, who we adopted from you in summer 2012 as an 8 week old, is doing. A couple of pictures of our lovely boy Acorn, from our recent holiday in south Devon, are attached.


You might remember you hung on to Acorn (he didn't have a name at that stage) longer than his siblings because he was the runt and very small, and you were concerned he might not grow normally. By the time we contacted you, you seemed reasonably confident he would probably be OK. You also told us what a lovely nature he had, which was important to us as our boys were 4 and nearly 2 years old, and we had an older (at that stage, 10 years old) and somewhat grumpy dog. You weren't wrong about Acorn! He is very sweet natured, a lovely dog, full of collie energy but very laid back around the house, and bags of fun. As you can see, he also loves water, though he refuses to swim - he keeps everyone entertained by jumping in and then chasing the splashes! He is also great with the children, and with our older dog (still with us, nearly 14), and goes to work with Dave every day.


We are so glad we came to you and found our lovely Acorn through you, and I am sure you would be very proud of the tiny pup you let go to us three years ago if you could see him now. I hope all his brothers and sisters as doing well and that they all found their forever homes with happy families just like Acorn did.