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Please note Ozzy is NOT at our rescue but at another rescue in Cornwall. Please contact them direct if you feel you can give him a home.  All info on www.lastchancehotel.org


Born 11/2/2010. Bought April 2010 from a farm near Newquay.

Ozzy was a very nervous puppy and we were quite worried about him during the first year. We did a lot of work with him and he’s much better although still has some nervous tendencies. He used to be very scared of strangers, especially tall men. He’s still slightly wary but accepts people much quicker now particularly if they let him come to them and don’t overcrowd him. Once he trusts someone he is the most loving and loyal dog you could imagine. He growls when he’s playing and smiles when he’s really excited, and he’s fairly big so he can look a bit scary. He can be a bit grumpy if the kids pull on him but he just takes himself away. If things get very boisterous then he can get a bit jumpy, wanting to join in but not really sure how – times like these I get a bit worried that he might nip (although he never has) so I tend to calm things down then or put them in a different room where their beds are. He tolerates my children (age 1 and 4) and is happy to play with them if they throw a toy for him but he doesn’t really like being petted by them. He’ll put up with it if it means that he can be near me though. He’s never lived with cats but will walk past them if we see them out, is fine off the lead and fine with other dogs as long as they don’t try to play too boisterously with him, fine with sheep and cattle. Ok with water (although not as keen as the springer). He can be very protective and once nipped a friend of mine when she bent over to say goodbye to me – this was just after we had our first baby so it might be related, I’m not sure. He is naturally caring/protective though – will always run between the front and back of a group if we’re walking in a large crowd, gets very worried and licky if anybody hurts themselves, doesn’t like leaving people behind (e.g. if I ever stayed in the car to feed the baby while my husband walked the dogs then he would always keep running back to the car). He really is a lovely dog when he’s settled with people that he trusts but I think that he would get so nervous and jumpy in kennels that he would come across as aggressive and would take a long time to be rehomed, and I just can’t do that to him. He needs to eat working/active dog food otherwise he gets very skinny and nervous. We’ve found him best on Burns and Skinners. He was castrated at about 6 months, was up to date with his injections until about a year ago. Is microchipped.