loving the unloved, homing the homeless


Black and White, Short Coat, Male, 3/4 Years Old



 Barney  has been here for over a year and has so much love to give. Orignally Barney was very wary of men having been badly treated by one. He did not like anyone restraining him with his collar. However Barney is now almost recovered. He is very friendly to visitors and good wih the other dogs . Barney would so love a cat and child free home Rural if possible he did chase cars but we have worked on that and can now be walked without worrying about chasing. If you have time and patience to allow Barney into your lives he will give so much. in return.


.Enquiries about any Spot dog should be by phone to:

Gill White on 01344450206 - between 10am and 4pm please.

or by email:


Please give details of your lifestyle, family, other animals, and the kind of home that you can offer. Please include your address and contact details.

All dogs are vaccinated, micochipped and neutered (except for reasons of age or health)