loving the unloved, homing the homeless


Thu, 10/11/2012 - 14:24 -- tbcs

Here at The Spot we have many dogs who arrive with problems, most of these issues can be treated given patience and time. Some of the dogs have been really badly treated in their previuos life and really do deserve a second chance .


This is a e-mail we recieved that has just got to be read by anyone having problems , with real dedication there is light at the end of the tunnel.


Dear Aunty Gill I do hope you remember me, I'm sure you remember all of us. This  is Taz, and I went to a new home in Poole, Dorset. in June 2008.   Mum sent you some photo's and a letter from me so you would know I was alright.  Well, here we are.  I'm 5 now and I've got a lovely home.  But I was a very nauighty boy for a while, and mum had to be very firm with me.  I am very lucky Aunty Gill, that my new mum and dad didn't give up on me as most people would - I was ever so bad.   I shall tell you all about it. After about 7 months I decided I didn;t want to be around other dogs.   Mum corrected me time and time again, but I wouldn't be told and wanted to fight.  In the end I lost my off lead privilege.   I hated being on the lead all the time and I had to let mum and dad know, so, every time I saw a dog coming, even on the other side of the road, I turned and bit whoever had me on the lead.    The crunch came when I was out with mum at the riverside.  She had a new pair of designer shorts on that day, it was hot.   I saw some dogs way over the other side of the river, and mum was ignoring them.   I didn't know then I was supposed to ignore them too!   So I turned on mum, and bit a chunk out of her thigh and tore her shorts off.   Mum was furious, and for a moment  I thought I wasn't going home with her.    But she came back for me, and boy was she angry with me.   About the shorts more than anything else I think.  Apparently they cost a lot of tins of doggy food.  The very next afternoon, this woman, calls herself a dog whisperer, Aunty Marcelle King she is, took charge of me.  I thought I was going out for a punch up in the park with mum like usual.   Well, we went to the park alright, but Aunty MK was in charge.  I knew it the minute she spoke to me.   Well, actually, she didn;t say a word to me, she spoke to mum.  That was suspicious itself.  And oh boy, when I went to have a punch up, she corrected me, she stopped my fun.  Haha I thought, I'll have you instead then.   Normally if I leap up in someone's face they run a mile, but oh no, not this time.     When I went to frighten Aunty MK, she was waiting for me and growled back at me.  I was so surprised to see a growling human I sat down!.   So then I thought, well I'm going to have to show Aunty MK I mean it.  So I went to have her on the floor by lunging at her shoulder (Aunty MK is over 6ft so this is how high I can jump) but do you know what she did to me?   As soon as I reached her height she grabbed me and forced me to the floor, on my side, in front of all the other dogs, and I had to lie still until I was calm.    I tell you now Aunty Gill, I met my match that day and I don't do those things anymore and if I see Aunty MK coming I sit stock still and upright for her, a lady who has got my respect.  I even went to stay with her overnight while mum and dad stayed away - she was ever so nice to me and I stayed with her afghans,.  Apparently, Aunty MK is a highly respected KC judge.   Well, she sorted me out. It wasn't all plain sailing, I knew never to bite a human again, but it took me a while to stop fighting with other dogs.   Mum said it had to stop because she refused to try and find somewhere to take me where there were no other dogs, it is impossible, so I had to learn to behave.  And to make sure I did behave, mum forced me out with Aunty Lesley and her four dogs - all bloody great huskies/german shepherds.     I know now that I am not a packleader, I'm never going to be one, and in any case when I go out with this pack, Merlin is top dog, and he never tells us to fight.  So I guess it took me 6 months to learn that nothing bad happens when a dog comes near me, and even if it did,   .I know my mum would save me.   I'm still not too fond of having my bum sniffed by other dogs, but if ever I have a punch up when we are out, and if I have started it, mum forces me to have my bum sniffed by whoever I have picked on.  Then I have no choice to do likewise and then usually I have a new friend!  Best bet is not to cause trouble and it avoids all of this. So, even after all that, I am a happy happy boy.  I have a mum who understood what was wrong with me (frightened of other dogs), a mum who forgave me when I was so naughty with the shorts, and the other dogs.    I get to go all over Dorset on really long walks, all year round, mum is with me 24/7, I have several good doggy friends now, everyone loves me and life is good for me.    I'm a big strong boy now, but my vet Uncle Ashley says I'm not fat at all, but a large dog.  He says if I had the full coat I'd look enormous, and win prizes.  Sadly though, I injured my knee joint,  (almost had to have the op for that cruciate ligament thing) but mum stopped the agility and its not gone again for nearly two years now.    A shame because out of all my class mates I was the only one to go through the cloth tunnel AND CLEAR a 5ft A frame.    I tried flyball, which is great as mum got me obsessed with tennis balls, trouble is I didn't understand what "team" meant and I kept beating up my buddies!   I was ever so good, I just didn;t want to give the ball back. Talk about a dog's life ay?  My day starts at 7am with an hour's squirrel bashing (I WILL catch one) through the local county park, OR, in hot weather mum and I go for a swim off Rockley Beach.   Then I get to sit out on the communal green (mum still tethers me in case I decide to chase a cat), I've a big tree to sit under when its hot, and all the old ladies make a huge fuss of me as they go past!  When its too hot mum makes me come in and I've got the best seat on the settee, right under the window.  I have TWO beds, a day bed and a night time bed. (And mum never tells me off if I get on the bed with her).    Every other  week day mum chucks me in the car and we go off for most of the day.  I do get a bit hot in the sun, but when its really hot mum always picks a walk near the river, or the beach, so I can cool down and she can soak her feet.  Anyway, I'm a clever sod I am, my mum taught me to drink out of a bottle if she holds it, so there's always plenty of fresh water!  At the weekend, Dad takes me fishing, and I have loads of Uncles and Aunties who come to visit me.  The only thing I ever get ticked off for now is barking at the door.  Mum tried but she can't stop me, oh no she won't.  This is how I tell mum and dad that someone is there, because if its friendly people they know just to open the door and walk in, because then I won't bark. I suppose, Aunty Gill, if we are being honest, I DID bite someone from my first family.  Mum says she knows this for sure now because of what I did to her (and dad, and my gran and poor Uncle Malcolm's right nipple).    But it wasn't a child  - I am and always have been, totally submissive to children.   But you see, if my first owner had socialised me with other dogs, none of this would have happened anyway.    Its all okay now, and I know what a lucky boy I was to end up with my mum and dad.    First owners weren';t much to write home about anyway. Apparently, I'm such a good calm boy now  (I even sit at the traffic lights until they beep) that mum uses me to help other dog owners with wayward brutes.    I'm so clever at obedience that its not long before the owners realise what they are doing wrong, and as soon as they treat their dog like my mum treats me, all the problems stop.    Mum is my best friend and I know that I am loved, why on earth would I want to be naughty now?  Well, that's what I say to these youngsters.  And when I am out with lots of people and other dogs, I know what my job is.   Its my job to keep everyone together and chivvy up the stragglers.  I run from the start of the group to the rear and keep doing this so I know where they all are.     I live with an African Grey parrot, called Mojo.  At first I was terrified, I didn't know what it was.  But I suppose if something calls you by your name, and when you respond it chucks a crust of bread out the cage for you, it can't all be bad.  And when I am out squirrel bashing, and I disturb a pigeon instead, I know to leave it alone, because after all, I don;t hurt birds as I live with one. Well, mum says she will never forget sitting on your kitchen floor surrounded by all those gentle old collies, and I will never forget you because if you hadn't saved me I wouldn't have this lovely home now.  Who says dogs can't live in flats?   Rubbish - look at me!. Mum is going to download her camera later this week and then she'll send you some photo's. Bye for now Aunty Gill.  I hope you are well and keeping up the good work. With love TAZ and his mum (Jackie Corbin